Get More Money For Your House

Anyone who has ever put their home up for sale understands it is not easy to realize the full potential from selling a home. Thankfully, JMG Ohio is here to help as they share the top three most important things to make the most money for your house:


  1. Have excellent pictures! The most important thing you need is to have the best photos of your home. “You want the pictures to come out the best way they can, the better the pictures the better the odds that you will get more money for that house,” says Tim Ali.


  1. Get exposure for your property! Once you have the most attractive photographs highlighting the potential and beauty of your property, it’s time to work on marketing. Maximizing exposure of your house to as many people as possible means the more buyers you’ll attract. With more buyers bidding on your home, you increase the chances of bringing in more money.


  1. Continuously promote your house and its location! You must also regularly promote and share updates about the home’s features. You need to showcase not just the best things about the house but also the city or the neighborhood where it’s located. People are not only buying houses for their needs but also for the location. You might have heard the phrase, “Location, location, location!”. When it comes to a home, almost anything can be changed about the house except its location. Be sure to promote the features of the property you’re selling and its locational benefits.


If you want the most out of selling your home the Tim Ali Team can help. You can check and visit their website to contact them through the details below or visit their office, their door is always open!

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